Unlock Instructions

To Unlock your iPhone via IMEI permanent for all Carrier please follow the procedures.

  • First click to Unlock Now button, or go to Price list to see directly your Carrier and click to Unlock your iPhone.
  • Then go to checkout and add your info. Here you must add your IMEI Code 15 digit, to Unlock iPhone, and add your personal info.
  • The payment is make with PayPal

An average of 48 hours unlocked. And it remains permanently

How to find your IMEI Code

  • Please click on your keyboard iPhone *#06# and Call.
  • Your IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

Or other method to find your IMEI code in your iPhone is this – see on image bellow:

imei number

How to find your Carrier Network

  • Go on the link Check Carrier to find your lock network for your iPhone.

After you received an Email from us saying that your unlock has been completed, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Install the latest version iTunes on your PC.

Step 2. Add other sim card in your iPhone , “not original sim”.

Step 3. Conect your iPhone via usb cable on your PC. Wait iTunes to detect your iPhone, and then…

Step 4. Make Back Up on your iPhone and then Restore .

Step 5. Now you will see on your screen that your iPhone is Unlocked Permanent on all Carrier. Same how on image bellow:

iTunes Unlock

Dear customers if you have some questions please contact us.


Best Regards

FactoryUnlockImei Dev Team